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Dr. Jasna C.Lay
Founder and vicepresident,
Specialist in Gifted Education

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Professional support to gifted children

The playgroups and workshops for gifted children from 3 to 11 years of age consist of small groups of children, in an enriched environment, differentiated materials, and with an individualized approach to each child. Through an especially created program, with demanding didactical games, experiments and work on a multimedia computer, the gifted child is enabled to associate with children that are similar to him, and develop his/her outstanding abilities. Joining the playgroup is arranged individually with the group leader who coordinate the program. According to their wishes, parents can be actively involved in the work of the playgroups.

In 2003 / 4 the program of our workshops for the gifted are financially supported by the Ministry of Education &Sport within supporting to NGO-s dealing with extrainstitutional  children's and youth groups) and State Office for Family, Maternity & Youth.

More photos from our playgroups and workshops you can see HERE.

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